Dr. Andrew Crellin

Specializing in the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions

About Rhode Island Chiropractor Dr. Andrew Crellin

Dr. Andrew Crellin and his wife Elaine have been married for over 30 years. For the last 23 years, they have lived in Dr. Crellin's home town of Barrington, R.I. with their sons Jackson, Alex and their daughter Elise.

Dr. Crellin and his wife, Elaine Crellin, have also created a strong enduring professional relationship. They met while both were earning their degrees in Physical Therapy from The University of Connecticut.

Upon graduating, they moved to south Florida to practice in the field of sports medicine, treating both amateur and professional athletes, including Major League Baseball players, golfers, tennis and Jai Lai players, roller skaters and swimmers.

Recognizing the natural fit between Chiropractic and Physical Therapy skills when it comes to the recovery and rehabilitation of spinal care patients, Dr. Crellin and Elaine realized their dream of creating the best of both worlds.

Elaine opened Sport & Spine Physical Therapy right next door to Cowesett Chiropratic.

The staffs of Cowesett Chiropractic and Sport & Spine work together to provide Kent and Washington Counties with the highest levels of non surgical musculoskeletal care.

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